Upplägg för höstens tisdagkvällar på Umeå FH

West Coast Swing - Tisdagar Umeå FH



18.00-19.00 Nybörjare (3/10-28/11) - nio tillfällen


Pub Freja

18.00-19.00 Fortsättning (10/10-5/12) - nio tillfällen

19.00-20.15 Träning

20.15-21.15 Avancerad (10/10-5/12) - 9 tillfällen



Prova På - Gratis

Nybörjare - 580 kr

Fortsättning - 630 kr

Dance Fusion - 350 kr (5 tillfällen)

Avancerat - 630 kr


För att gå kurs behöver man vara medlen i WCS Umeå. Kostar 100 kr/kalenderår (Jan-dec).


Läs mer under kurser....

Socials för hösten 2017


Söndag 10 december

Tid: 18.00-21.00

Plats: Umeå Folkets Hus

Pris: Gratis för medlemmar i WCS Umeå, övriga betalar 40 kr

Under kvällen kommer det ej serveras fika



Workshop weekend with Laszlo 20-21/1 2018


So, Laszlo will for the third time come back to Umeå to share his knowledge of this amazing dance! This time we will do two levels. We will also have a feed back session where Laszlo gives personal feedback one on one - this is optional and you can chose to not participate.


Level 1: you have taken one beginner course and at least one Fortsättningskurs. You are comfortable with your basic patterns.


Level 2: you have taken at least one Advanced course (in Umeå) or have danced more than 2 years regularly and been to several events.


If you sign up for Level 2, you can in your registration add a comment if you are interested in also doing Level 1. Depending on the distribution of leaders/followers you might get a spot. If the levels get very uneven in numbers we might have to make some adjustments.



One level: 400 kr (+100 kr for membership WCS Umeå if you are not already a member)

Two levels (only one feedback session): 550 kr (+100 kr for membership WCS Umeå if you are not already a member)

Social dance on Saturday is included in the workshop pass, only social costs 60 kr.


Preliminary schedule (all workshops are att Folkets hus):


10-12 Level 1

13-15 Level 2

15.30-16.30 Feedback session Level 2

19-20 Feedback session Level 1 (held at UDI)

20-00 Social dancing at UDI



10-11.30 Intensive Level 1

12.30-14 Intensive Level 2


Registration is now open!


Observe that you need to apply and pay for membership for 2018 to take the course.


You find registration on: https://yggdrasil.wcsumea.se/