Welcome to Umeå's coolest summer event!

- Rock The Barn 20-23 July 2017

Four days at Gräsmyr loge filled with workshops in West Coast Swing, social dancing until early mornings, Jack&Jill competitions and Shows. Rock the Barn is a sanctioned WSDC-event!



Stephen & Sonya White

Maxime & Torri Zzaoui

Chuck Brown





Weekend Full Pass:

Includes more than 25 hours of workshops to choose from Friday to Sunday,

4 nights of Social dancing, and competition access

Party Pass:

Includes 4 nights of Social dancing, competition access.



We will have a ”hamburger-barbeque” (pay with cash or card) Swedish style at Gräsmyr Loge

and social dancing for those of you who arrive early.


Intensive with the Whites (sold out)

The Friday will start with an intensive with Stephen and Sonya. Last year this class was really appreciated so hurry up and sign up!

You register to the intensive separately from the event pass.



The workshops will have open levels so you can decide which level that suits you. If you have any questions you can ask the crew for help.


Social dancing

We will have four nights of social dancing. Thursday-Sunday.

Since the event is for pre-registered attendees only we will not be selling tickets by the door during the social dancing


- Workshops

- Competition

This event has WSDC-points. You can register to the J&J competition when you sign up for the event.

- Social Dancing

- Awards

Competition and "Pimp my Tent"


- Workshops

- Social Dancing


Rock the Barn has been approved by the World Swing Dance Council as a points registry event. We will offer Jack&Jill competitions at the following levels:


Newcomer: If you have never competed before you should enter this division

Novice: If you have competed before and have less then 15 novice points

Intermediate: You have at least 15 novice points and less than 30 intermediate points

Advanced/Allstar: This division will be held if we have enough participants only. For those with at least 30 intermediate points


What is Jack&Jill?


In a Jack&Jill contest you do not register with a partner, and it's the luck of the draw that determines which partner you will get to dance with. In the preliminary rounds you will rotate and dance with different partners, and everyone is judged indivually. In the finals you will be paired up with a partner, and you will be judged as a couple.


Jack&Jill competitions are easy going, relaxed competitions that does not require you to dress formal. We are very happy that we are the first event in Northern Sweden that has been given the opportunity to run a wsdc-event, and we encourage everyone to take the chance to compete, so we will be able to keep our wsdc-status for many years to come.


Registration for competitions can be done in advance when registering for the Weekend Pass, or on site up until 2 hours before the competition. But we encourage you to register in advance, as it will save us time in the registration process.

The event will be held at the beutiful Gräsmyr loge, 35 kilometers south of Umeå, that has 2 large floors for dancing


Accomodation and food


Since Gräsmy loge is situated in a small village outside of Umeå, there are no hotels close by. But don't worry! That's the charm of it. We will make sure that everyone will hace some place to sleep. Gräsmyr loge has places where you can park a camping car (100 sek/night) or put up a tent (free) just outside the venue. There is also a room rented at the nearby school (300 meters away) that you can use for sleeping in if you bring your own sleeping bag, with access to toilets and showers. Staying at the school will cost 100 SEK for the entire weekend.


We won’t serve alcohol so you have to bring your own. If you want to buy alcohol you can do it in Umeå city, but remember that the event is about 40 km away.


Gräsmyr Loge

- Two big barns with wood-floor for workshops, competition and social dancing.

- Food will be served in the service building for those pre-registered for a food package. In the evening there will also be burgers and sandwiches for sale

- 7 toilets

- 4 showers


School building (sold out)

- Place for 90 sleeping guest (only pre-book)

- 5 Showers


Food & Beverages

There are no restaurants in the village but one small supermarket. You can sign up for food packages at the website. The food will be served in the same area as the rest of the event. You can also buy Swedish ”fika” and sandwiches during the day and hamburgers during the night.


ICA Nära

A grocery store 400 meter from the Barns.



During July the weather can vary from 20-25 degrees during daytime, down to 5-15 degrees during night time, so be prepared with both warm and light clothes.


West Coast Swing: There will be two levels on the workshops and one 3 hour beginner class this weekend, Intermediate and Advanced. The workshops are in an open format, meaning you can choose freely between them, no auditions. Each workshop will have a theme that that particular workshop will cover. However, we recommend you follow the descriptions of the levels:


FREE Beginner class: Basic and variations for west coast swing.


Open level:

That suits both intermediate and advanced dancers.



You have not been dancing West Coast Swing very long. You have taken a few courses and feel quite comfortable social dancing.



You have been dancing for at least 2 years, and take regular classes and travel to events. You have no trouble social dancing and wants new challenges in you dancing.


Weekend Full Pass:

Includes more than 25 hours of workshops to choose from Friday to Sunday,4 nights of Social dancing, and competition access

Party Pass:

Includes 4 nights of Social dancing, competition access.

Intensive with Stephen and Sonya on Friday (separately registration)




Price: 500 SEK/person incl Lunch

Early Bird to 30/4

Weekend Full pass - 1300 SEK

International Weekend Full pass - 1000 SEK


After 1/5

Weekend Full pass - 1500 SEK

International Weekend Full pass - 1200 SEK


Party Pass

600 SEK



Advanced/Allstar dancers for free!


Own tent - FREE

School building - 150 SEK/weekend SOLD OUT

Electricity to caravan - 400 SEK / weekend


Food Package - all package has sold out

Alternative 1 (all meals)

Dinner Friday, breakfast, lunch and dinner saturday and sunday

-800 SEK


Alternative 2

Dinner Friday, lunch and dinner saturday and sunday

- 650 SEK


Alternative 3

Dinner Friday, Saturday and Sunday

- 450 SEK

The Registration for Rock The Barn open in Marc 2017

The Registration button will take you to our registration system where you first have to create an account. After that you can register for the event and the White intensive separately.


The registration system is new, so if you experience any problems, please send us an email with what kind of problem, what you clicked, and which web browser you're using, to